CIPL’s promotion of justice and inclusion commitments in Cambodia

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Conserving Indigenous People’s Languages Organization (CIPL) is a unique organization working to promote the indigenous people rights, livelihoods, and culture by helping them access information and make their voices heard.

In 2019, Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC), a Global Standard’s partner, announced a call for the selection of 10 CSO applicants in order to strengthen CSOs’ capacities in sync with the commitments of the Global Standard for CSO Accountability. CIPL was the first one to request additional information and then submit its application in late December of that same year. According to its application form, CIPL expected that the Global Standard-supported capacity building project could enhance its internal capacity and become a role model NGO in practicing accountability.

While CIPL considers that the Global Standard’s three clusters and its 12 commitments are crucial elements to build up its organizational capacity, CIPL prioritized its focus on two of the commitments within cluster A; namely, commitment #1 on justice and inclusion, as well as commitment #2 on women’s rights and gender equality. CIPL’s decision in prioritizing these two commitments lies in its need to fulfil with legal provisions, to guide the internal staff to achieve the organization’s mission and strategy, and to meet the donor community requirements.

With the assistance from the Global Standard-supported project, CIPL reviewed the entire content of its Manual on Human Resources which it now includes specific policies on gender and minority issues, together with the adoption of a grievance redress mechanism, and system for managing conflicts of interests in order to advance the concepts of justice and gender equality within the organization. For example, the manual on human resources now stipulates equal opportunity for staff recruitment as well as non-discrimination in terms of salary between men and women. The manual also acknowledges the importance of gender equality concerning the organization’s own decision making processes.

Mr. Naung Sam Oeung, executive director of CIPL noted that “The content of our revised policies has paid much more attention to strengthening justice and equality for everyone within our organization. I hope that our staff and key stakeholders appreciate the revised content in our policies.” He added that “the updated policies – which are in sync with the Global Standard – will help make our organization more inclusive and diverse”.

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