The Leprosy Mission Australia experience with handling complaints and feedback

By August 10, 2020 NMedia

You can watch the video on The Leprosy Mission Australia experience with handling complaints and other feedback mechanisms in the projects supported in 6 countries here

In addition, The Leprosy Mission Australia has ensured that feedback keeps being collected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“At the Leprosy Mission Australia, we are maintaining our usual feedback and complaints processes during the pandemic and we have increased our communication with donors during these challenging times.

In order to keep our people safe and well, and maintain our service, we have a roster of staff in the office during business hours and others working from home who are accessible via email and phone via our 3CX phone system. Donors and customers may experience a slight delay in response due to increased workload and accessibility of particular staff members, but overall a high level of service is being maintained.

 Earlier this year we sent a care postcard to comfort those in lockdown. We have also sent update eDMs to ensure donors and customers know that our services are not greatly impacted as we comply with the changing local and federal government restrictions. We have also called donors and customers to see how they are being impacted because they are an important part of our mission and it’s important to us that we all get through this together. “

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