It is essential that the World Bank Group (WBG) engages civil society in everything it does. But it is not doing so. For example, the newly released Corporate Scorecard for the WBG no longer includes a civic engagement (CE) indicator as in the past, and we are concerned that this will both undermine the commitment necessary to this issue and could send an unfortunate signal to governments and WBG staff that civic engagement is no longer important.

A group of civil society organizations has written a letter strongly urging the WBG to, among other things, include the proposed “Quality of Citizen Engagement and Social Accountability” indicator as part of the new WBG Operational Dashboard and the IDA21 policy package. Based on data from the project, portfolio and country levels, this operational indicator will assess the impact of civic engagement and to what extent civil society voices are reflected in decision making for development.

Please consider signing this letter:

You can sign either in an individual or organizational capacity before May 16th. Signatures will be collated and the letter will be sent to the WBG President and Board of Directors on Friday 17.

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