Open response + Open recovery: the new Open Government Partnership (OGP) campaign

By April 23, 2020 NMedia

The  Government Partnership (OGP) has launch their new campaign:  Open Response + Open Recovery. The main goal of this initiative is to promote accountability, transparency and inclusivity through an open virtual platform that collects and share  useful resources that the OGP, and their partners, are creating, curating and putting into practise, as a response to recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. 

The pandemic, is globally straining  government leaders, the health and sanitary system, the civil society, the economic system, workers, as well as, those who are staying at home, so  Open Response + Open Recovery,  intends that this virtual forum, ensure that civil society has a voice in the decision making process made by the governments and political leaders.

You can join the campaign on social media with #openresponse and #openrecovery and by visiting

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