Different type of feedback along the project cycle phases

By August 10, 2020 NMedia

In its publication Closing the Feedback Loop (2014), Gigler[1] et al distinguished among four types of feedback: complaints, suggestions, monitoring and satisfaction which tend to be most appropriate at particular stages of the project cycle.

In integrating feedback to the project cycle, Gigler et al noted that “Suggestions are particularly relevant in the earliest stages of project identification and preparation. Complaints become important in the appraisal and implementation stages, with monitoring beginning in the implementation and continuing until project completion. Satisfaction is most likely to be assessed after the project is well underway and approaching completion and also as part of ex-post project evaluation.”

This approach is also reflected in IFAD Framework for Operational Feedback from Stakeholders (2019) where the project is expected to collect feedback at various points along the project cycle, that is, during its design, implementation and completion – See Figure 2 of (p. 7).

Further, monitoring could be also referred as to ‘verification’. Some social accountability mechanisms  such as social audits, public expenditure tracking and procurement monitoring focus on this category of feedback.


[1] See Bjorn Soren Gigler, Samantha Custer, Savita Bailur, Elizabeth Dodds and Saher Asad with Elena Gagieva, Closing the Feedback Loop. Can Technology Amplify Citizen Voices?, World Bank 2014.

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