On November 27th in Buenos Aires, Argentina, took place the conference: “Putting people at the centre of CSOs’: The accountability of CSOs’ to their main audiences”.

This conference, was organized in collaboration with Resilient Roots and the Postgraduate in Management of Social Organizations and Center for Social Innovation, of the University of San Andrés.

The main goals that were intend to be achieved in this activity were the following:

1.Introducing the concept of accountability to the main targets (Primary Constituent Accountability) and raise its value to the work of civil society organizations, including networks, NGOs, other organizations, etc.

2. Exchanging practices of accountability to the main organisation´s targets, in diverse themes and contexts.

3. Sharing the experiences of the Resilient Roots pilot organizations in Latin America

4. Highlight the positive impacts that this experiences have been obtained and identify solutions to common challenges.

5. Exploring the key steps that are needed to be taken, in order to improve the practice of accountability of CSOs’ to their main audiences at a regional level.

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