Solidarity in the time of Covid-19

By November 11, 2020 News, NMedia

Solidarity in the time of Covid-19. Civil society responses to the pandemic

As the #COVID19 pandemic swept the world, civil society stepped up to make a difference. Civil society was a source of vital support, advice and information, a guardian of human rights, an enabler and a defender of communities.
Drawing from a range of civil society voices, the “SOLIDARITY IN THE TIME OF COVID-19” report, developed by
CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation, outlines some of the many civil society responses to the pandemic, highlights its vital contributions, draws preliminary lessons and makes recommendations for states and other stakeholders to enable and work with civil society, both in pandemic response and recovery and in tackling the underlying issues that the crisis has exposed and deepened.

Check and download the full in english report here. 

Find the report in spanish here. 

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