In your country, are you allowed to protest? Get your news from a free press? Join a political movement or a cause?

If you answered yes to all 3 questions, you are part of the lucky 3% of people that live in countries where governments properly respect your civic freedoms


The CIVICUS Monitor has today released People Power Under Attack 2019, a new report showing that the fundamental freedoms of association, peaceful assembly and expression are backsliding across the world. In the space of a year, twice as many people are living in countries where these civic freedoms are being violated: 40% of the world’s population now live in repressed countries – last year it was 19%.

The report, which is based on data from the CIVICUS Monitor, a global research collaboration, shows that civil society is under attack in most countries.

You can find more information in the video below.

And for the full picture, see the global report:





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