A Keystone Accountability How-To Guide

By April 1, 2022 News

In 2021, Forus and Keystone Accountability have been working together to develop a “Member Voice” system that harnesses feedback from Forus’ members, as a way to learn, dialogue, and find solutions. This guide is developed by Keystone Accountability for networks of civil society organisations, particularly national NGO platforms and regional coalitions that are members of Forus.

Engagement is a process, voice is the best outcome of an effective engagement process. For Forus members, a key constituent group of concern is their members. The guide is therefore intended for civil society networks that are interesting in engaging their members in ways that create Member Voice. Members have voice when they want to and do use their voices to improve you, the organization that they are part of. This guide tells you how to ensure your members have voice in your organization. Member Voice is a process that turns feedback from your members into data, then into dialogues, and then into improvements in the ways you work together. The guide is freely accesible and is available in englishfrench and spanish.

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