Dynamic Accountability

A systemic approach to CSO accountability that is grounded in meaningful engagement with all stakeholder that is inclusive, participatory and continuously practiced.
Creating a transformational relationship between a CSO and its stakeholders.
Implying the need to make a whole organisation’s way of working adaptive to all stakeholders’ needs.
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It recognizes that relationship-building with all stakeholders is necessary to truly achieve systemic change in the form of a power shift within and outside the organisation towards the people a CSO works for and with.
How can stakeholder engagement be done meaningfully?
  • Working as a way that it is easy for others to see what are we doing
  • Actively seeking to listen to others, being open to constructive criticism and making decisions to address it
  • Offering stakeholders an active role at all levels of the organisation
  • Creating mechanisms for continuous dialogue and building relationships
  • Reflecting how to address change based on a meaningful stakeholder engagement

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