Global Accountability Week 2020 brought together CSOs and practitioners from around the globe to showcase how we are adapting to the new normal, and using interesting and innovative approaches to stay accountable. For this month’s community spotlight, we have selected three videos shared during GAW 2020 to illustrate different thoughts and experiences on the topic – in both English and Spanish:

1. Meaningful engagement is one of the key tenets of Dynamic Accountability. In this video, Perry Maddox the CEO of Restless Development shares with us what meaningful engagement means to him.

2. Grupo Propuesta Ciudadana is a CSO based in Peru, whose team uses this video to tell us what accountability means to them in one word. This is in Spanish but most of the words are very similar to their English translations!

3. CIVICUS’ AGNA network also put together this video where some members reflect on how accountability practices like a Code of Conduct can help CSOs to continue their work during a crisis, and how insights from their constituents can help with efforts to stay relevant during periods of rapid change


So now that we’ve heard from other practitioners, let’s hear from our Dynamic Accountability Community of Practice! What does accountability mean to you?  What has been your experience with practicing accountability during the pandemic? What do you think accountability will look like after COVID? Do you think we’re missing a video? Let us know in our Google Group!

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