The Rendir App as an inspiration to promote the Code of Conduct in Albania

By June 10, 2020 CSO Standard, News

The Rendir App as an inspiration to promote the Code of Conduct in Albania

By Xhoana Zego, Partners Albania for Change and Development 

We at Partners Albania for Change and Development were introduced to the Rendir App during a workshop on “How to increase the Transparency and Accountability of CSO Networks” held in North Macedonia in January 2020.

For several months now, Partners Albania through the National Resource Centre for Civil Society, has promoted the importance of implementing a self-regulatory mechanism that will help increase the transparency and accountability of non-governmental organizations in the country, as well as improve the credibility of the civil society sector among the public as well as in relation to other institutions and stakeholders.

For this reason, the presentation of the Rendir App during the workshop immediately caught our attention as a useful tool for self-assessment of the organizations in order to improve CSOs’ accountability.

Based on plain language, the app is remarkably simple to be used by a wide range of organizations and their staff. It is a perfect tool for an organization to go through a self-assessment process without having to spend a lot of time, energy, resources, and people, just through your mobile phone. Within 30 minutes, it helps the organization to understand where it stands at the in terms of the commitments and targets of the Global Standard for CSO Accountability. Furthermore, the App provides information as well as recommendations for improvement, thus assisting all interested CSOs with suggestions for further action to meet the Standard.

In conclusion, the Rendir App served as an inspiration for us to also promote our national Code of Standards as a self-regulatory mechanism that will contribute to increasing the accountability and transparency of CSOs. In order to maximize the benefit of using the App, we are making its adaptation based on the local context and the Code of Standards for the civil society sector in Albania.

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