The Global Standard Newsletter #2 is out now. 

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The Global Standard Newsletter #2 is out now

After, the first edition of the Global standard Newsletter, shared with all our susccribers last december, we are happy yo announce that our second edition is out now.

This second issue of the GS newsletter includes contributions from four project partners in promoting the Global Standard for CSO Accountability across the world, including reflections from a session at an event in the Asia Pacific workshop in late 2019 to the most recent workshop in Macedonia in late January 2020. Our GS project partners have been busy spreading the word on the GS!

In addition, this issue includes a series of blog posts by the Resilient Roots Initiative based on lessons learned from the pilot projects implemented by 14 CSOs while putting in place feedback systems towards their primary constituents. The series of posts include a lot of practical tips …They are worth reading!

Also, the latest issue of is devoted to accountability of CSOs working on humanitarian action, by emphasizing not only top-down but bottom-up and lateral accountability to other CSOs. It also features articles on how accountability could contribute to social innovation and to CSO resilience and sustainability of results.

The Global Standard Newsletter #1

December newsletter edition, sought to share experiences on practices implemented by CSOs around the Global Standard’s commitments, how the Global Standard could serve as a key input for National CSO Codes of Conduct; and the use of self-assessment tools for CSOs around the Standard.

We invite you to read , share your views, and disseminate both newsletters with your counterparts and partners to promote the Standard to a wider community of organizations.

Click the links below, if you want to access to the Global Standard newsletters:

The Global Standard Newsletter #1

The Global Standard Newsletter #2



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