Accountable Now new report: CSO Accountability in Focus

By May 12, 2020 CSO Standard, News, NMedia

Last week, “CSO Accountability in Focus” (the first of a four-part report series) was released by Accountable Now.

These short reports provides an overview of how Accountable Now members – International Civil Society Organisations – have been advancing their accountability practices. Each report presents a snapshot of its members’ efforts over the past year in the areas of:

  • Partnerships
  • Environmental Practices
  • Complaint Mechanisms
  • Stakeholder engagement

These reports aim to give readers an insight into what it means to fully embed accountability practices that aim to meet these four issues.

The first report, is focus on good practices from Accountable Now members on how they have strengthened partnerships with local partners and communities and provide an explanation on the importance of partnerships for CSOs and advice on how and why they should be prioritized.

You can find the first report, and the the rest to come, in the new Accountable Now webpage. 


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