Accountability in Times of COVID-19. An Open Conversation

By June 12, 2020 CSO Standard, Events

On the 23rd of April 2020, the Dynamic Accountability Community of Practice (a joint effort by CIVICUS, Keystone Accountability, Restless Development and the Global Standard) held a virtual event titled “Accountability in the Times of COVID-19: An Open Discussion”. Over 30 participants came together to discuss the current challenges to CSO accountability, how CSOs can remain accountable, and the innovations within the sector post-COVID.

During this difficult time, accountability is a subject that is extremely important since our ability to effectively deliver impact and adapt to the new environment are reliant on the trust that we cultivate. In restrictive spaces and times, it is imperative for CSOs to remain engaged and create spaces where citizens’ voices can count towards decision-making processes. However, at the same time, the challenges for CSOs to do so are mounting: CSOs are having difficulties in reaching stakeholders, facing limited resources, and lacking communication channels.

DACoP therefore convened this space for practitioners to share their challenges, discuss solutions and exchange innovations for practicing accountability in this environment of uncertainty. Participants to the event discussed the importance of being accountable and how to remain accountable to stakeholders. Among the many outcomes from their conversation, some interesting highlights include the need to be transparent in the decision-making process, to communicate clearly with stakeholders, to reprogram activities in an accountable and sensible manner, and to adapt to digital approaches.

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