July 2019 – November 2020

EUR 350,000

Our initiative has been supported by the Swedish International Development Agency since 2015. Our current project runs from July 2019 to November 2020, with a total of 350,000 EUR in funding. During this period, 6 out of 10 Global Standard Partners, the Secretariat and the Communications Team received funding. Please find below some highlights. If you want to learn more, please click on their proposal, report, website – or you can contact us!


EUR 40,044

    • Accountability Masterclass for South East Asian organisations, held at ICVA Conference in November 2019, with participation from CCC
    • Accountability roundtable on Codes and Standards with CSOs
    • Regional adaptation of the Global Standard for the Pacific, including the construction of guidance materials and workshops



View Their ProposalMid-Term Report (Mar '20)Final Report (Nov '20)


EUR 25,000

  • Use the Global standard as a resource for the efforts of creating a National Code of Conduct in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Provide support and use the Global standard in the efforts of capacity building for CSOs for the newly established informal National Accountability Network in North Macedonia
  • Promote the GS through BCSDN information sharing tools



View Their ProposalMid-Term Report (Mar '20)Final Report (Nov '20)


EUR 25,000

  • Organise workshops and organisational assessments for CSOs on accountability and transparency processes
  • Support 10 CSOs in the form of capacity sharing on M+E, Human Resources Policies, and Financial Policies, all in line with the Global Standard’s 12 Commitments
  • National and regional outreach to South East Asian organisations through multiple platforms
  • Translation of the Global Standard into Khmer and integration of the Global Standard into the new GPP Standard
View Their ProposalMid-Term Report (Mar '20)Final Report (Nov '20)


EUR 24,990.16

  • Virtual meetings to convene the Eastern Africa Regional Learning Platform on accountability with participants from Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda & the Secretariat of the Global Standard
  • Conduct the QuAM Assessment, which is aligned with the Global Standard, for 21 organisations in the central region to support them to identify improvement areas on accountability 
  • Provide technical support and capacity building on the implementation of the Improvement Plans for 10 organisations, after they undergo the QuAM Assessment.
View Their ProposalMid-Term Report (Mar '20)Final Report (Nov '20)


EUR 44,941.12

  • Provide technical support to organisations in Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador and Colombia. 
  • Strategic Partnership with AGNA to adapt the Rendir App for Network use. The Rendir App for Network is available in French, English and Spanish.
  • Virtual Course for CSOs that looks to transform power relationship through using the Global Standard as a tool to practice Dynamic Accountability. With the course, CSOs will reflect on different accountability models, and be provided with methodologies, tools and materials to practice dynamic accountability.
View Their ProposalMid-Term Report (Mar '20)Final Report (Nov '20)


EUR 19,988.14

  • Bi-lingual publications (Hindi and English) on the accountability practices of Indian CSOs in times of Covid-19 vis-a-vis the Global Standard
  • Roundtable Meeting with CSOs on Accountability in post-COVID-19
  • Digital meetings with CSOs to build capacities on Global Standard and accountability practices
  • Government engagement for civic space




View Their ProposalMid-Term Report (Mar '20)Final Report (Nov '20)

External Communications

EUR 19,998

  • The GS External Communications Team is coordinated by Rendir Cuentas
  • Coordination to implement the Global Standard communications strategy
  • Raise the profile of the Global Standard amongst the public through bi-monthly newsletters and social media




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EUR 150,036.41

  • Strengthen the Global Standard Partnership through coordination, support to Partners, and facilitation of the strategic plan.
  • Outreach to external organisations, providing ad-hoc support to organisations in regions without Partners’ presence, and identifying opportunities for organisations to improve accountability in different ways
  • Coordination of fundraising to enable the sustainability of the Partnership
  • Co-facilitation of the Dynamic Accountability Community of Practice
Mid-Term Report (Mar '20)Final Report (Nov '20)