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The Global Standard for CSO Accountability is changing the way accountability is practiced in the civil society sector.


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          The Partners

The work of the Global Standard Partners in the promotion and use of the Global Standard for CSO Accountability has resulted in important impact, thanks to diverse creative ways addressed by organizations around the globe.

        Recent news

May 22, 2024 in Events, NMedia

Open Gov Week 2024, starting on May 27

Co-create. Collaborate. Contribute. As the world faces a host of crises, join hundreds of reformers around the world – in government and civil society – who are working to make their…
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May 15, 2024 in News, NMedia

Sign-on letter by Thursday evening- calling for the World Bank to include a civic engagement indicator in the Corporate Scorecard

It is essential that the World Bank Group (WBG) engages civil society in everything it does. But it is not doing so. For example, the newly released Corporate Scorecard for…
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May 8, 2024 in News, NMedia

A Regional Program for the Temporary Relocation of Human Rights Defenders in risk

In the Latin American region, many human rights defenders face daily persecution, threats, harassment and the constant danger of violence because of their work. Those dedicated to the defense of…
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May 3, 2024 in News, NMedia

A call to uphold the principles of the DAC Recommendation on Enabling Civil Society

As it is now widespread in the development community, in mid-March the Swedish aid agency, Sida, announced abruptly that all contracts with their 17 Strategic Partner Organizations in Sweden´s Civil…
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