Tools & Materials

It can be difficult to know how to start implementing the Global Standard. Understanding what it means to follow our 12 Accountability Commitments and knowing where your organisation currently stands is just the beginning! And we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get to grips with what it means to align with the Global Standard.

This is why we have created a range of tools to help CSOs start their journey towards becoming dynamically accountable and integrate the Global Standard into daily practices and policies. Explore our materials and tools below to get started!

Self-assessment tool

Designed and implemented by Rendir Cuentas, this self-assessment tool is a quick and easy method to help you self-evaluate your organisation in relation to the Global Standard for CSO Accountability by identifying existing strengths and areas for improvement.

Available in Spanish and English!

Action Guides

Using the Global Standard entails a gradual change inside an organisation that requires the participation of different departments. However, how do you start the conversation with them? How do you get the staff and management excited by what the Global Standard has to offer? Check out our Action Guides to see how different departments across CSOs can begin to work with the Global Standard.

Guidance Materials

These Guidance Materials complement the Global Standard and offer practical advice for organisations looking to know more about the 12 Commitments. With this tool you will come to understand how to use the Global Standard and Dynamic Accountability to develop and improve your relationships with various stakeholders such as CSOs, primary constituents, donors and governments.

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